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Dental Sedation

Are you feeling anxious about visiting the dentist? Our Wetaskiwin offers nitrous oxide and oral sedatives to help make your experience more comfortable. 

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Dental Sedation, Wetaskiwin Dentist

Easing Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety can lead people to avoid the dentist. Inevitably, this leads to the development of dental health issues. If this sounds like you, we have options to help alleviate anxiety related to dental care.

If you are undergoing a long or complex procedure, dental sedation can help you get the care you need while helping you feel as relaxed as possible. It can make the procedure feel like it is passing more quickly than it really is.

Whether you're coming in for a routine checkup or a longer, complex oral surgical procedure, we can offer nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, and oral sedation. Our dentists will take the time to discuss any concerns you may have and help you decide if sedation is right for you.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous oxide sedation can cause warm, euphoric feelings that help reduce the anxiety you may experience while in the dental chair. For this type of sedation, you’ll wear a mask over your nose so that you can breathe in the nitrous oxide.

To make sure you stay comfortable, our team will make any necessary adjustments to your nitrous oxide dosage throughout your treatment. The effects of nitrous oxide don’t linger for very long after the procedure is complete, so most patients are able to drive themselves home following their appointment.

Oral Sedation

Before your appointment, we can give you some sedative medication (which is normally in the form of a pill). The effects of the sedative will leave you feeling very relaxed. Some people even end up falling asleep, although they can be easily awakened.

This type of sedation can be very beneficial in cases where nitrous oxide sedation isn’t enough to relax a patient. If you and your dentist feel that oral sedation is the right option for you, you will need to plan to have a friend or family member drive you home once your appointment is over.

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